Pride of Taiwan

The glass industry in Taiwan has a history of over 40 years and has formed a supply chain within the island that meets its own demands. The industry is capable of producing flat glass and architectural glass and is able to manufacture, install and repair auto glass. Such capability shows the techniques and quality of the glass made in Taiwan has reached maturity.

However, the consumers in Taiwan are not particularly drawn to any domestic glass brands. Because of this, the glass from the US and, especially, the low quality glass from Mainland China pour into Taiwan’s market. Such glass has a significantly poor performance (in terms of transparency and/or reflectivity) and poses a threat to the safety of the consumers. Also, because of a lack of consumer loyalty, the glass companies in Taiwan are in a vicious cycle of price competition which is not a good thing for both consumers and glass companies.

Fuyao Group from China, SafeLite from the US, PG Glass from Africa and Autoglass from Europe all enjoy great popularity in their domestic markets. On the contrary, more than 90% of the car owners in Taiwan are not aware of the existence of the local glass industry, let alone knowing any domestic car glass brands.

YC Glass has been working to meet the local demands in Taiwan. It has more than 30 years of glass manufacturing experience and is striving with Taiwan people’s hard working spirit to produce superior quality glass. YC Glass understands the glass industry of Taiwan and is determined to eliminate the poor quality glass on the market.

In recently years, YC Glass has moved from a contract manufacturer to establishing a brand of its own. YC Glass is actively acquiring quality assurance certificates and patents domestically and internationally to prove that its glass meets high quality and safety standards. YC Glass was awarded the MIT logo in 2012 and will continue to develop all-purpose glass that has a better performance and a longer life. It is the wish of YC Glass that one day its glass will make the people in Taiwan proud while winning positive feedbacks globally, and this is what inspires YC Glass to keep striving for excellence in its glass manufacturing business.